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For Discerning Users

Wood, panels, stoneware and other tiles, carpets – the choice of flooring materials is wide and varied. But to make the interior truly unique, inimitable and super-comfortable you need to look further. As e-concreto, we can confidently recommend our tried-and-tested product – microcement – to the more discerning Customer.

It works great not only at homes but also in retail outlets, sports facilities, stairwells, offices, hotels, spas, etc.

and Easy to Use

Microcement is a high-quality, thinly applied, seamless, original cement-based coating with a wide range of applications, finishes and colours. The microcement coating is comfortable to use and provides a spectacular end result. It is characterised by high durability and strong adhesion to any type of surface – concrete, cement mortar, ceramic, plaster, plasterboard, etc.

It works great both indoors and outdoors. Microcement is an excellent solution for any space that has previously been tiled as it can be applied without removing the old flooring.


No trimming, no fear that the flooring material will be damaged in transit, certainty that it will be durable and can take a lot without much maintenance, plus a guarantee of easy cleaning (no joints!) – these are some of the advantages of e-concreto microcement.

In the colour of your choice and with the type of finish you like (mat, satin, gloss), it will make an impression on everyone and will be a great deal of fun for those who use it on a daily basis.

In addition, it must be noted that it is always handmade, so its pattern and texture will never be repeated. Simply put, it is tailor-made.

Microcement Advantages

Strong adhesion to the surface
eliminates the risk of cracking or breaking

Made of carefully selected ingredients

No seams, no trimming,
safe in transit

Fully resistant to water,
fully sealed.

Resistant to UV radiation,
may be laid in fully sunlit areas

Designed also for high-traffic areas

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